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        Technique Advantage

        Founded in 2003, Zhanchen Group R&D Center has powerful technological edges and has developed environmentally friendly, safe and excellent product lines of latex paint and woodwork paint, which perform outstandingly and race together bridle to bridle with international brands in Interior Decoration Industry, satisfying diversified needs of different customers.

        ZhanChen group also has established production and research cooperation with several schools such as Tsinghua?University and become the postdoctoral work station of science and technology, gaining many rich achievements in this field including gaining 11 Science and Technology Awards, formulating 20 national industry standards, having 247 invention patents and 49 appearance design patents!

        5 Core Patents of Interior Paints

        Patent of Bamboo Charcoal Technology;
        Patent No. ZL201110195429.7

        Patent of Formaldehyde Resistance Technology,
        Patent No. ZL200910198980.x

        Patent of Lotus Leaf Dirt Resistance Technology;
        Patent No. ZL201410550570.8

        Patent of Nanophase Radon and Bacterium Prevention Technology;
        Patent No. ZL200810042303.4

        Patent of Odor Lessening Technology;
        Patent No. ZL200910198980.x

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